The 7th Revolution Clothing Story

Posted by Wesley Billingslea on

7th Revolution Clothing was born from the love of art, music, motorcycles, American muscle cars and tattoos from both founders.  Both Mark and Wes loved rock n roll growing up along with motorcycles and fast cars.  Their tattoo apparel brand is a result of their joint love of art and freedom of expression.

Mark embraced this freedom of expression of by learning to paint and has gone on to become an acclaimed painter in Los Angeles.  His art embodies a cutting edge associated with those expressing themselves through music, art and tattoos.  Wes grew up loving motorcycles and began riding at an early age.  His tattoos reflect his life’s journey along with his love for art and specifically, black and white photography.

Both loved wearing comfortable tees with cool, or unique designs on them.  Difficult to find in a copy or me-too industry.  Combining wearable comfort with unique art and designs.  With Mark achieving success in the art world, he was the perfect person to create all of the designs for 7th Revolution.  And today, after several years of successfully building 7th Revolution into a successful tattoo, music and motorcycle clothing brand, we’re ready o take it to the next level.

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