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Wesley is the CEO of 7th Revolution Clothing and one of our Founders


The 2nd photography book, The Aztecs : The Truth About Sacrifices & Other Customs, from photographer Wes Billingslea was a natural progression and result of a seven year documentary project with the Aztecs in Mexico.  This project was very personal for me and focused on the social aspects of the Aztecs historical truths and myths around their religious practices

Much has been written about the Aztec practice of sacrifices.  This project reveals the truth of this.

“After careful and systematic study of the sources, I find no sign of evidence of institutionalized mass human sacrifice among the Aztecs. The phenomenon to be studied, therefore, may not be these supposed sacrifices but the deeply rooted belief that they occurred,” wrote Dr. Peter Hassler, an ethnologist at the University of Zurich.

Discover for yourself the truth about the Aztecs and their practices. The Aztecs is a deep collaboration offering personal insights, stories and photographs as shared by the people themselves.

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